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Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

Process of Printing Mug, T-shirt , Plate and Cup  by heat Transfer Machines 


3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine

3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine
  • 3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine
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3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine


3D sublimation heat press machine is an automatic transfer vacuum printing machine. It can be used for printing on paper label, card, tube, bill, cup, plate, metal, rock, glass.




3D Sublimation Heat Press

Plate Type

3D Transfer Vacuum Printing

Usage Grade


Color & Page



220V / 110V

Gross Power

2800 Watt

Dimensions (L*W*H)




Processing Size


Max Vacuum

-640 mm Hg

Vacuum Flow

33L / min


0.15 CBM

Packaged Wt

22 Kg

Min. Order Quantity

One Set


3d sublimation vacuum machine characteristics:

1. Safety

Double-circuit design guarantees temperature control. When malfunction occurs in one circuit, the other temperaturecontrolling circuit activates automatically. The machine will automatically shut down after 15 minutes’ idle running,making it safe and reliable. This machine has applied for CE/UL certificate.


2. High efficiency

A big oven space: 300x420x110, unparallel working efficiency of printing 12 mugs at one time, equaling 12 mug presses.


3. Delicate

Heating area is enlarged with the bump dots design; and temperature of each point in the oven is even with the aluminum alloy heating and the far infrared radiation coat. Printing comes out in a more clear and vivid way.


4. Concise

Special flame resistant and insulative materials are applied in this streamlined compact machine. With the tight internal structure, the machine appears fashionably and concisely.


5. Compact

108 degree upward Porsche design, simple operation and compact;


6. Intelligent

No extra manipulation needs for the whole printing process but only put-in and take-out. When the cover is closed, the machine will automatically extract air, countdown and heat. When the printing is finished, the machine will automatically suck air


7. Use friendly desktop design, simple fresh-hand lead in and control just with temperature and time setting.


8. Multi-functional

Far outperforming conventional heat press machines, this machine designs for an all in one solution of sublimation printing service, including mugs, glass, crystal, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, stone slate, textile and etc. In cooperation with our exclusive straps, multi sized mugs can be easily printed, beautifully and clearly.




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Mini 3D Sublimation Machine

Mini 3D Sublimation Machine
  • Mini 3D Sublimation Machine
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Mini 3D Sublimation machine

3D Heat Press Machine is a newly designed mini machine that is multifunctional and delivers high quality results.


1) Three dimensional printing.
2) Excellent and durable quality due to use of a mature quality.
3) All in one suite for iPhone and smart phone cover, mug, rim plate, photo glass, crystal, glass goblet,  mug, clothes, acrylic and metal plate.



Mini 3D Sublimation Vacuum heat press machine


Digital Time and Temp. Controller

Operating Voltage / Rated Freq. / Rated Power

230 V / 50 Hz / 1300 W

Heating Tube Power

1200 W

Vacuum Pump

12 V / 10 W

Heat Blower

80 W

Machine Size

28cm  *  32cm  *  34cm

Printing Size

150cm  *   200cm  *  20cm

Package Size

345mm  *  370mm  *  350mm


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Mug Printing Machine

Mug Printing Machine
  • Mug Printing Machine
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Mug printing

The type adopts the up-to-date appearance design in the world, which is characterized by user-friendly operation, a reasonable structure and a high technological level of making. It uses an intelligent SCM control system and is provided with the heating pad protection function, which needn't preheating for use but just" one-key" touch. The heating element, with good safety properties, has passed the safety certification of UL. Its quality of transfer printing and imaging is high.

Name: GBT Mug press
Power: 350W
Specifications: 23.5*12cm2
Voltage: 110V-220V
Max. temperature: 220oC
Control mode: Intelligent microchip control

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T- Shirt Printing Machine

T- Shirt Printing Machine
  • T- Shirt Printing Machine
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This machine may the sublimation class, the pigment class ink colored

Design and the writing burns after hot extension India India in the

cotton and kapok, the hemp, fabric and so in chemical fiber, but also

may carry on plants Mao Tanghua and heat treatment and so on foaming

dye printing time limit for a project skill, the economy also is


Product characteristic: Sends the hot plate line tube technology to

Quote the US machine design, the temperature absolutely distributes

Evenly, the energy conservation is stable; The swing type sends the

Hot plate, causes the laying aside to accept for printing the thing

Conveniently, very hot presses the travelling schedule to be high,

Facilitates each kind to accept for printing the thing. The total

Peaceful temperature time demonstrated, temperature time error

Positive and negative 2. The hot plate surface, spurts spreads

"Titanium fluorine roentgen", guards against the tacky surface, the

Intensity high, surface smooth, burns the picture effect well, is easy

to be clean, the ledger wall surface, installs the thermo stable silica

gel board, the heat resistance amounts to 400 invariable, causes to

Transfer India all to be able to reach to the perfect effect;

According to the lever principle, the ease of operation is relaxed;

The high speed pressure screw type pressure control, can the precise

Adjustment need the pressure; Operates the suitable hot plate, the

easy to operate. The pressure texture quotes the American type, its

Merit makes an effort lightly, pressure high, reduces effort, to save

the electricity.

T Shirt Heat machine (High Pressure machine)

Specification   : 38 38/40 50/40 60 cm

Voltage        : 220V/110V

Temperature   : 0-399

Power          : 1800W

Time           : 0-99 hour

Volume         : 72*44*39CM

Weight         : 35KG


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8 in 1 Printing Machine

8 in 1 Printing Machine
  • 8 in 1 Printing Machine
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Product Description


8 in 1 Combo heat press machine

1. The Digital Combo is a multipurpose swing-away heat press transfer printing. It is fully digital swing-away transfer printing boasts all of the digital features of the state-of-the-art control system.

2. This includes Digital Temperature, Time, and a Digital Pressure/ Height gauge, as well as programmable presets, user definable alarms and a host of other digital features.

3. The construction is a solid steel welded framework, However, the popular success of the Digital Combo lies in its instantly interchangeable system of heat platens and tables.

4. The Digital Combo utilizes quick-change attachments for heat transferring images onto a surprisingly wide variety of materials.

5. This one press has every attachment necessary to professionally imprint: T-shirts, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Mugs, Mouse Pads, metal plates, Jigsaw Puzzles. Fabrics & Materials, etc.

6. The interchange ability of the Digital Combo is performed quickly and safely. If your product offering is going to reach beyond just flat & fabric items, the Digital Combo is the superior heat press machinery solution.

7. The mug attachment for the Digital Combo allows the imprinting of mugs 1 side at a time. With dye sublimation transfers, full wrap images can be perfectly applied in multiple pressings.
8. The plate die platens feature quickly inter-changeable components for allowing the circular heating element to press inside ceramic plates. Also included is a template tray and pad for centering the plate.

9. Due to its swing-away design and wide adjustment range, The Digital Combo excels at handling extremely thick items such as plaques, tile, woods, plastics, and other imprintable items that can not be pressed in conventional T-Shirt presses.

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5 in 1 Heat Transfer Machine

5 in 1 Heat Transfer Machine
  • 5 in 1 Heat Transfer Machine
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1. Brand new slideway design,so it is easy and fast to replace parts.

2. Add automatic count down button and self-clocking alarm.

3. Digital double control The controller uses microprocessor program, parameter memory,so the control accuracy is much higher .

4.For the controlling heating chip, it uses the new degree Celsius,so the power is more stable, and the circuit board will not break down when the voltage is not steady.

5. Heating thermocouple: adopting new generation “K” updated version heating thermocouple. With double lines merged, it is safer and not easily broken down. (The glass tube is adopted for traditional ordinary machinery to pack thermistor. Once in case of unstable voltage, it will be easily broken down, burn out or crashed into pieces due to the uneven pressure!)

6. The aluminum plates are all upgraded and thickened, the quality becomes more secure and the phenomena of uneven base board and carrying capacity are avoided. The upgrading of quality, material and technology further guarantees the quality!

7. Can be lifted, lowered and rotated by 360 degrees and convenient to retrieve articles and transfer of alien articles;

8. Adding one heat-resisting foaming silicon on the baseboard,which can stand 400 centigrade degrees and will not deform.


Item name5 in 1 t shirt heat press machine
Automatic grademanual
Printing colormulti-color
Printing size30cm*38cm for t-shirt
diameter 11cm or 15cm for plate
11oz for mug
8.5cm*14cm for cap

The 5 in 1 heat press machine include:

1pc t-shirt heat press,

1pc mug heat press,

1pc cap heat press,

2pc platen heat press

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10 in 1 Heat Transfer Machine

10 in 1 Heat Transfer Machine
  • 10 in 1 Heat Transfer Machine
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Model10 in 1
Printing size290*380mm
Packing dimention54X53X43CM
1/629*38cm platen
261 mug mats: 11oz .9oz
262 plate mats: 8 inch ,10 inch
1/61 cap frame: 8.5*14cm


temperature and time request for heat transfer are as follows

(as reference):

Pure cotton dress: 200 °c, 25 seconds

Polyester dress: 180 degrees, 15 seconds

Metal plates: 180 degrees, 40 seconds

Pearlescent Board: 180 degrees, 120--180 seconds

Metal pendants: 180 degrees, 60 seconds

Mouse pad: 180 degrees, 15 seconds

China plate: 200 degrees, 40seconds

Porcelain plate: 200 degrees, 180 seconds

Mugs: 200 degrees, 180 seconds

Key chain: 180 degrees, 100 seconds

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